Sunday, February 07, 2010

Herbaria Soap Company

Hi All -

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and another six more weeks of winter is on the horizon. Whether this news makes you want to hit the slopes or burrow underneath the covers, this season is synonymous with the colds, flu and Xerosis.

Moisture deprived, sand paper rough, itchy skin can be downright uncomfortable. There is nothing worse than sitting in a meeting, trying to pay attention, when it feels like you're wearing a wet wool sweater while receiving a bear hug from your aunt who wears too much perfume.

Luckily I found a remedy that not only is all natural, but comes in combinations like lavender oatmeal, lime coconut aloe and sassafras birch. The place to go is Herbaria Soaps. Visit them online or 2016 Marconi Ave.

Their soaps are all natural, cruelty free and come in a nice 4.5 oz sized bar. Plus if you buy six bars, the seventh is free.
Herbaria came into my life quite by accident. While at Skif, I struck up a conversation with an engaging man who invited me to visit his soap shop next door. Always a sucker for bath and body products and wanting to support a mom and pop business, I made my way over.

Wowee Kazowee! I am in love. Upon entering the store my senses were greeted by a bouquet of fruit, flowers, spices and herbs. It was just the pick me up I needed on a cold, grey December afternoon.

Interestingly enough, Herbaria has been
in existence for over six years doing a brisk business online before opening its shop, and has devotees from Massachusetts to Kansas to France. Started by LaRee DeFreece and her husband, Ken Gilberg. She she was a real estate attorney and he a graphic designer (which explains the elegantly simple packaging) prior to entering the soap business.

They make their soaps using cold process soap making method and use lye to convert food-grade vegetable oils to soap. I don't really know what this means exactly, but it makes a luxurious bar that lathers nicely and doesn't quickly melt.

Another great find is the organic jojoba oil, it comes in unscented, lavender, may chang (an essential oil) and patchouli. Use it after a shower and your skin will feel silky smooth all day. It absorbs quickly since jojoba oil is close to oil in skin (who knew).

So check out my new favorite, Herbaria. I hope it becomes one of yours too. xxoo, Jill

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